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Tablet repair

Urgent repair of tablet PC is carried out in the shortest possible time with the use of special equipment and original spare parts - our service fixes some defects in the presence of the client. If additional breakdowns are detected, further repair of the tablet PC is carried out only after all the details have been agreed with the client.

We repair devices from Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Sony, Xiaomi, LG, HTC, etc., as well as brands made in China.

Estimated terms of repairs are from 1 to 3 hours.

We have a large assortment of parts available. Their prices, both with and without our work, can be viewed in our online store.

Hardware repair

  • Replacing the display, screen, touchscreen.
  • Replacing the connector.
  • Replacement of the button mechanism.
  • Replacing the sim receiver.
  • Replacing the speaker and microphone.
  • Replacing the power supply circuit of the SIM card. (The phone reboots with a SIM card.)

Software repair

  • Flashing
  • Adding languages
  • Installing software (navigation, games, utilities)
  • Unlink from operator

Tablet PC repair

for free
Elimination of mechanical damage
from 10 Eur (1-2 days)
Repair of the board after moisture ingress (cleaning, soldering the board microcircuits)
(Remember - by contacting the service ON the DAY of the phone flooding, you will greatly increase the chances of a further long life of the device and reduce the cost of restoration work! Every day of waiting worsens the state of the board. This is especially true for phones damaged by champagne or cola)
from 35 Eur (from 1 days)
Redecoration (replacement of body parts, antennas, lighting)
from 10 Eur (1-5 days)
Device menu translation
(the phone does not have Russian or Latvian language)
10-25 Eur (1-3 days)
Device adaptation for work in Latvia
15-35 Eur (1-3 days)
Device software repair
(the phone freezes, turns itself off, “glitches”)
10-25 Eur (1-3 days)
Replacing the speaker
(YOU do not hear the interlocutor)
10-30 Eur (1-3 days)
Replacing the microphone
(you cannot hear the call sound, the speakerphone does not work)
15-35 Eur (1-3 days)
Replacement of the ringer speaker (buzzer)
10-30 Eur (1-3 days)
Replacing the flex cable
(does not show / shows in stripes / shows a mirrored screen (when opened slowly, it can show normally), buttons, speaker, camera on the top of the case do not work, sound disappears from time to time)
10-25 Eur (1-3 days)
Screen replacement
(the screen / screen backlight does not work, sometimes cracks are visible, a white screen, the image disappears suddenly - usually after falling, crushing and similar mechanical impacts or strong impacts)
25-350 Eur (1-7 days)
Replacement of sockets (connectors, connectors)
(charging does not always work, headphones are not always connected)
25-45 Eur (1-4 days)
Various mechanical repairs, replacement of microcircuits
(the device stopped charging / turning on, some of the buttons do not work - usually after a fall)
from 10 Eur (from 2 days)
Software installation, replacement and update
from 5 Eur (1-3 days)

Unspecified type of repair